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Solid Opal Beads.
Are you interested in loose beads ?

Boulder Opal beads are totally fascinating !

Here is an incredible strand of 15mm Round Boulder Beads !!
Total weight is an astounding 627 carats.
Unbelievable beauty and splendor.
Yours for only $3250.00
Other views: [1] [2] [3]

This precious strand is from Winton.
So delightful the way the fire jumps out from nowhere !
232 carats of 4 to 8mm rounds
See these other pictures too: [1] [2] [3] [4]

These Boulder Matrix opal beads are stunning !

You'll love this one at $1,600 -- super bright and full of fire !

This great strand of 12mm beads is 465 carats !! $1600.00

Here are two examples at $1000 per strand... bright and georgeous !
(Here's a closer shot of one of these)

A bright and beautiful strand of 6mm rounds 110 carats at $1000.00

Here are 162 carats of 8mm rounds for $400.00

And 314 carats of lucious 10mm rounds for only $500.00

These are 6mm beads at $500 per strand :

These are 6mm beads at $500 per strand :

These are 8mm beads at $450 per strand :

How about this strand for only $375 :

How about this strand for only $350 :

Or a strand of 6mm beads at $300 :

Or choose one of these beautiful freeform strands at only $250 ! :
(a close up picture ?)

At only $225, this 5mm round strand is a great buy :

And the best bargain are these 6mm rounds at only $175 per strand :

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