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Here are some loose beads that can be made into necklaces, bracelets, or even earrings.
They are inexpensive and are a great value.
Please contact Murray for the prices on individual packets.

Not a mis-print... 20mm Boulder Beads !!
Total of 649 carats for only $2.50 per carat.

These are lucious crystal 6mm rounds at only $8.00 per carat !

More loose Boulder Beads !!
Total of 376 carats for only $2.00 per carat.

New Stock
August 2004

Rondels in various sizes

Blue Green Crystal Rondels 3 - 9mm

Freeform Lambina beads

Lambina 6mm rounds

Lambina 6mm rounds

Round beads 5mm

Round beads 8mm

The ones below are not opal they are 'Chrysoprase'

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