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We have just received some beautiful black Ceramic Glass beads which are graduated and oval shapes.

The sizes available are:
7 x 5 mm, 9 x 7 mm, 12 x 7 mm, 15 x 8 mm and 20 x 12 mm.

There are 10 beads in the strand exquisitely created and individually handcrafted with selective opal pieces for design jewellery of heirloom quality.

The ones below are dark blues and greens, but we also have multi-colour with vibrant reds.

Pairs of earrings available on request at only $300.

This pair of earring stones is only $250.00

This pair of set earrings is only $400 !

And this necklace set is only $740.00

What a gorgeous necklace set for $1100.00

These earring stones are $300 each

Go to the Order page and let us know what you want as soon as possible !
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